What We Do

What We Do

Land.Lease is a Sporting Rights Leasing Marketplace. We introduce Landowners to Sportsmen. It is our belief that Sporting communities are poorly served. With much of our countryside underused and under-visited.  It is this imbalance that we seek to redress.

We intend to open up the countryside to anyone who wishes to explore it. There are millions of acres of private land lying under-used. With thousands of hunters who wish to hunt there, if only they knew how to acquire such permission. We believe that there would be far more people participating in Country Sports if only they knew where they might do so. Where to hunt is the fundamental problem.

The solution to this problem is here. We make hunting grounds and fishing spots convenient to lease and easier to find than ever before. Now, getting a hunting lease for a deer season is as easy as joining a golf club; finding a fishing spot is as straight-forward as going to the cinema.

Finding permissions has long been the bane of the Sportsman's life. How many hunters have given up the noble chase for lack of a place to do so; the dreaded loss of one's "one good spot". How many Landowners would welcome the control of Game populations on their land but for the difficulties inherent in the pursuit of this option? Thanks to Land.Lease such difficulties not no longer exist.

Landowners should be able to find Sportsmen to help manage their land just as hunters should be able to find somewhere to hunt; and with land.lease it is easier than ever. Generally, if a person was not raised in a hunting culture they may never be granted such an opportunity. We believe that hunting should be as accessible as any other recreational opportunity. Just like joining a gym or a tennis club. Just pay a fee, buy insurance and off you go!

First among a Landowners concerns regarding the granting of such permissions is that of liability. Such that permission to hunt may be denied in spite of rampant deer numbers. Land.Lease is acutely aware of this concern and in response to this all permits issued require that Sportsmen have insurance prior to access.

Permits issued are only valid if the Sportsman has insurance.

Should a Sportsman purchase a lease, but fail to acquire insurance, then his permit is invalid.

Hunters and Anglers have the opportunity to upload their insurance details to Land.Lease which is then shared with the Landowners whenever a lease is purchased. This entire process is automated. When a Sportsman purchases a lease both he and the Landowner receive a copy of the Permit and, if the Sportsman has already uploaded his insurance documents and hunting qualifications, then these too are automatically shared with the Landowner.

We believe that Landowners have the right to manage the game on their land (within the confines of Fish & Wildlife legislation). Furthermore, we contend that the main reason more people are not participating in country sports is that they don't know how to finding somewhere to hunt or fish. Certainly knocking on doors to ask for permission does not appeal to the majority, therefore hunting and fishing remain under-pursued disciplines. Land.Lease offers a simple and seamless solution to these persistent problems.

Among the myriad of challenges facing Landowners is that of trespassers and poachers. A hunting lease offers strong disincentives to malignant elements and helps keep the criminal off your land. With a lease from Land.Lease, Landowners can rest assured that anyone who is on their land taking game has the right to be there and have paid an appropriate fee for the privilege of access. You know that they have insurance because you will have reviewed their insurance documents prior to the commencement of the lease and you know that, as law abiders, they are preferable visitors than trespassers, poachers or criminal elements.

I addition to this, trespassers are discouraged from trespassing. Trespassers tend to be local and know where the vulnerable sites are. If they see the same cars parked in the same spaces every weekend they will know to stay away. They will know to stay off your land because the will see that there is someone already there. Someone who has paid for the privilege of access. Land access is valuable and should be priced accordingly and not stolen by poachers or damaged by trespassers.

Finally, the long-standing problem Sportsmen endure of finding a hunting or fishing spot is put to rest. The concerns Landowners have regarding the granting of access are, at a minimum mitigated, if not eliminated. And, the problem every civilised nation has; that of the ethical management of wildlife populations has an effective solution. That of an increase of the acreage of private land opened up to hunting, bringing with it an increase in the number of hunters keen to participate in the Noble Chase. Last but not least, the rural Landowner now has an additional revenue stream built on the judicious and ethical management of Game on his Land.

Sporting made Simple.