Hunting Land Vendors Instructions

Welcome to Land dot Lease

It is our intention to make this a pleasant and profitable experience.

To that end, we have written some instructions on how to get started.

This is how to list your first site and how to get paid.

Log in as a Vendor here:

It is a good idea to bookmark this link for future reference.

You will use it often in the management of your store.

You may also wish to bookmark the: Vendor Instructions page

This page contains all instructions on how to manage your sites and navigate the Vendors Console.

1. How to get Paid Directly Immediately.

We use Stripe Connect as our payment provider. When you Connect to Land dot Lease via Stripe Connect you get paid immediately when one of your leases is purchased. This is how you do it.

In your Vendor Dashboard go to:

1. Click on Your Name in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Click on Seller info.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the General section.

4. Click the green button that says "Connect with Stripe Standard"

You will need your bank account details, along with some other information.

Connecting to Stripe is essential for payment.

Stripe Connect is the only method of payment that we use.

2. Adding your First Site

1. Select Sites.

2. Click the Add Site button at the top of the page or the (+) sign in the top right-hand corner.

Please, describe your site in a manner that makes it most appealing to prospective Sportsmen. This listing requires a clear and succinct description of the particular Sporting Rights for lease.

Please be as specific as you can regarding the exact location to eliminate the need to give directions over the phone, and prospective Sportsmen can survey the ground using Google Maps.

Once you have clicked "Add Site", you can specify SEO at this time also.

SEO dramatically enhances the marketability of your Site, so we strongly advise that you complete this section.


Once his step has been completed return to Sites.

From here, you have a few options:

1. CREATE LOT: Use this if you want to sell a fixed duration either by auction or for a fixed price.

This is ideal if you want to

a.) Auction off a Deer lease for an entire season.

b.) Auction off holiday weekends while selling short term leases for a daily rate.

c.) Selling a lease for a fixed price.

You can create as many Lots (of dates) as you please, for any duration that you like. By the year, week, weekend, or season. The choice is yours.

The CREATE LOT option is ideal when selling a lease for an entire season or entire year.

To review your LOTS go to: MANAGE section.

2.  MANAGE: In this section, you can offer your site by the day. Ideal for shoot days or fishing.

Great if you are happy to allow Sportsmen to choose their own dates.

3. In the MANAGE / Site management area you can stipulate the Availability of the site and block days when the site is unavailable for Sporting activities. Examples of this may include farming or forestry operations or seasonal sporting considerations.

Simply put, you are in complete control of how to offer your site, when it is available and for how much, all in one easy console.

Once you have Connected using Stripe Connect and offered your first site you will be well on your way to selling your first Hunting Rights Lease.

Welcome to Land dot Lease and thank you for your custom.