How It Works

How it Works

Land.Lease gives the Landower or land steward the opportunity to lease the Sporting Rights to his land for a specified duration. The Landowner can be a Farmer, Forrester, Estate Manger, Rancher or Governmental Organisation. For the purposes of this explanation, the Landower is anyone who has undisputed authority to lease or otherwise manage the hunting and fishing rights to a particular measure of land. Simply put, every farm or forest can double as a Sporting Estate. The operations of the farm or forest remain unaffected as hunters silently stalk their quarry in the distance.

One great feature of Land.Lease is that you can specify as many parking spots or access points as you like. Serious hunters appreciate this, as hunting is highly dependant on which way the wind is blowing in the literal sense. It is conceivable that a Landowner could lease the Sporting Rights to the land and never needs to meet the hunters in question. When listing your site, you can use our Google Maps facility to specify Access points so Hunters don't arrive at your front door every weekend. In this way, Sportsmen are neither seen nor heard; save for the odd gunshot!

The Landowner is in complete control of how he offers his land. All management of the offering is carried out by the Landower and all fees are paid directly to the Landowner. To this end, we have partnered with Stripe as our payment processor. As a Landowner, the first thing you will do when you sign up is to Connect with Stripe. You will receive instructions on how to do so when you sign up. This process is easy and should take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Once you are set up on Stripe you will be in a position to list your first site. Each Landowner can offer multiple sites. Each site can be offered multiple ways. Either by the day at a daily rate or as a block of dates at a fixed price. In addition to this you can offer your site as a block of days, say a deer season, as an auction. The choice is yours. The Landowner is in complete control.

Once a lease is purchased both parties receive a copy of the Permit. This is the contract between Landowner and Sportsman outlining the exact nature of the Sporting Rights Lease Agreement. This "exact nature" is takes straight from the listing so it is prudent to be a thorough as possible when listing your site. The details of this listing will comprise the specifics of the the permit.

At this time, the Landowner receives a copy of the Sportsman insurance details along with any hunting qualifications he may hold. This all happens automatically the instant the Sportsman pays for the lease. Sportsman insurance is mandatory. No insurance, no access. This is non-negotiable. We contend that this stipulation is self-explanatory.

All permits issued require the sportsmen to have valid insurance. Ultimate responsibility for the purchase, upload and presentation of insurance details rests with the Sportsman (Buyer). Ultimate responsibility to ensure that the Sportsman and anyone else in his hunting party (Buyer Associates) does in fact hold appropriate insurance rests entirely with the Landowner (Vendor).

Should a Sportsman fail to acquire said insurance his permit is not valid. Should the Vendor fail to confirm that the the Buyer and/or all Buyers Associates hold appropriate insurance, the responsibility for the consequences for such a failing rests entirely with the Vendor. Land.Lease accepts no responsibility for a Vendors failure to confirm proof of insurance nor for the failure of any Sportsman to acquire said insurance.

Payment is automatic, direct & immediate. We use the payment processor Stripe so all funds are paid directly to the Landowner. The Landowner manages their site directly without the intervention of an Land.Lease staff just as a hotelier may manage an individual room. The Landowner is in complete control of how the site if offered, when it is available and at what price.

Landowners are afforded multiple opportunities to present their own criteria for access such as land stewardship obligations, cull limits, maximum hunting parties to name but a few. Landowners also have the opportunity to stipulate their own Terms & Conditions document should the feel the need. Such Vendors T&C's too are automatically shared with the Sportsman on the purchase of any lease.

In summary, Landowner offers land for a specified purpose and duration. This may be paid by day, purchased as a block of dates or auctioned as a block of dates. Permits are generated automatically. Insurance is mandatory and shared with the Permit upon purchase of the lease. Every consideration has been made with respect to Landowner privacy with the provision of multiple access points. Additional features such as accommodation, camping, guides, on-site transport options may also be stipulated by the Landowner. The Landowner also has (SEO - Search Engine Optimisation) options so that you may stipulate what Google sees when it crawls your Site.

We believe that the best possible way to become familiar with our service is to use it.

Sign up, list your first site and earn extra income from your first Permit now!

We trust that this should offer an ample overview of our service.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Land.Lease.

Happy Hunting.