Sample Estate

Eccleston, Chester, UK
10872 Acres
  • Game Hunting
720.00 Per day
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Partridge, Pheasant
We are inviting enquiries from Ladies and Gentlemen young and old who are interested in shooting on a friendly, relaxed and informal shoot. Shooting is over approximately 10000 acres of arable land on the Grosvenor Estate in Cheshire. People interested in beating or just working their dogs are also very welcome. This shoot would suit experienced and novice alike, insurance through BASC or equivalent is required. In the interest of the environment fibre or bio degradable wad cartridges are now encouraged. We run a small sweepstake for fun.
Maximum hunting party = 7 shooters. Non-participants/beaters/spectators numbers are negotiable.
SAMPLE SITE: Demonstrates how you can offer your land at a daily rate while actively managing the availability. If you look at the calendar above you will see that the Sundays are unavailable as it is illegal to take game in the UK on Sundays. This sample site demonstrates how you can manage the availability of your site by both stipulating when it is available (Jan - June) and unavailable (Sundays). This puts the #Landowner in complete control.
Type of Shoot:
  • Driven
  • Walk & Stand
  • Walked Up
Accomodation Available:
  • Full Board
  • Half Board
Low population density:
Beaters Available
Bag Limit:
  • 250-299
Dogs Allowed: