Q: What is Land.Lease?

A: Land.Lease is a Sporting Rights Leasing Marketplace. A place where Landowners can sell Hunting & Fishing leases to their properties.

Q: What are Sporting Rights?

A: Sporting Rights are the right to harvest wild animals or fish found on a particular measure of land. Ownership of land carries with it the right to kill and capture any wild animals on the land and fish in its waters. Collectively these rights are known as Sporting Rights;The right to hunt, shoot and fish on a property.

Q: What am I leasing exactly?

A: Sporting Rights. Landowners lease the Sporting Rights to the land only. You are not leasing the land itself. You retain all uses of the land that do not pertain to Hunting or Fishing. You are not leasing the land itself but rather the right to hunt, shoot and fish on the land. Farming, forestry and other operation on the land remain unaffected and occur along side with any hunting or fishing.

Q: What about liability?

A: All Permits issued require the Sportsmen to have valid insurance that is appropriate for the pursuit. Just as it is the motorists responsibility to purchase insurance prior to driving on public roads it is the Sportsman responsibility to purchase insurance prior to accessing land. The Permits we issue are only valid if the Sportsman has insurance and this is clearly stipulated. It is the responsibility of the Landowner to confirm that the Sportsman has insurance but this will be shared with you prior to the commencement of any lease. No insurance, No access.

Q: Can I spread the cost of a lease among my friends?

A: Yes you can and we encourage this for larger sites. We regard a group of more than 7 a Hunt Club. If your friend group numbers a maximum of 7 then no declarations need to be made. However, if your group numbers 8 or more then this needs to be declared on your profile page. Either way, all members of the group need insurance but responsibility for ensuring this is the case rests with whoever is responsible for purchasing the lease. The Landowner will need to be given all identities and insurance details of everyone involved prior to the commencement of the lease.

Q: What if I don't take any Deer or Game

A: No guarantees are made of presence of game nor the suitability of land. Furthermore, there is never a guarantee of a harvest while hunting or fishing.

Q: If I buy a lease will I have to share the Land with other people?

A: No. All leases sold are exclusive. The Lessee has the sole and exclusive right to hunt, shoot or fish on that particular measure of land for the specified duration. You and you alone, have complete discretion whether or not to share this exclusive access, and with whom. You should not encounter any strangers hunting on the land you have leased.

Q: As a Landowner, can I stipulate my own Terms & Conditions

A: Absolutely, All Sites have an area where you can stipulate your criteria for access. All lots Auctioned have a "Stipulations" section. In addition to this, all Vendors (Landowners) may stipulate their own Terms & Conditions. These can be as specific as you like or can be left blank as the Land.Lease Terms are quite thorough and, we believe, cover most eventualities.

Q: I see that all leases are exclusive to purchaser. As a Landowner, can I change this?

A: Yes, as long as this is clearly stipulated in both the listing and your own Terms & Conditions. Examples of this may include non-exclusive right to fish on a lake. There is a clause in our Terms that states, if a clear contradiction occurs between the Land.Lease Terms and the Vendor Terms & Condition, then the Vendors T&C will take precedence.

Q: What does it cost me to list my land on Land.Lease.

A: Nothing. It is free to list your site. Fee structures will next be reviewed Feb '22.

Q: Can I make stipulations regarding the maximum size of hunting party, cull limits or reporting.

A: Yes you can. Any stipulations, criteria or restrictions should be contained in your listing and/or your own Vendors Terms & Conditions. You are in complete control of how you offer access to your land.