Portage Creek

Grayling, MI, USA
23 Acres
  • Deer Stalking
You’ll like the privacy, it’s an island of private ownership in the middle of a wildlife reserve. Look up the Hanson State Game Refuge. Oddly enough, we get great cell reception out there, we have Verizon cell coverage. I think it has to do with the military base location. So, Portage creek runs from Lake Margarithe to the Manistee River. Good Deer hunting. Along an unmaintained county road next to a nature reserve. Small Cabin is included. Camping site is available. Fire allowed for cooking but not big bonfires.
Maximum party = 3 Hunters. 3 Day minimum bookings. Any orders for less than 3 days will not be accepted. This site will next become available Sept 2022. Click "Ask a Question" above for inquiries.
Just so you know Grayling has the largest National Guard training camp in the US. You’ll likely hear the small arms range (close by) and the other training activities (further away, we even hear it in town), sound of freedom. There is a military range near by so, believe it or not, the Deer are not startled by gunshot. So, if you pull your first shot your day ain't done.
  • ATV use allowed
Tree Stands:
Accomodation Available:
  • Room Only
Camping on Site:
  • Campfire Allowed
Low population density: