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Texas Deer Leases Vs. Public Deer Hunting Land in Texas

30 Nov 2021
by Jackson Pollock

In Texas, deer season is the most hotly anticipated time of year in. Texas deer leases are in high demand. Across the state and throughout the year, hunters hunt for hunting grounds repeatedly asking the question, "is there a deer leases near me?". Premier hunting leases or public lands is the choice and a matter of preference. Come November 2nd, the fortunate disappear into the wilderness, chasing down the meat for the freezer and antlers for the mantle. For those unable to source Public Deer Hunting Land in Texas or for those willing to pay for exclusive access, then private Texas Deer Leases are the way forward.

However, there are considerations for hunters and landowners alike. Hunters are required to acquire a hunting licence and tags while the Landowner is required to purchase a Hunting Lease Licence. It is a requirement of Texas law, that any landowner who leases the Sporting Rights to his land in return for any compensation must purchase a Hunting Lease Licence. The exact requirements are outlined on the TPWS Website Texas Parks and Wildlife Code Section 43.041 – 43.055. Hunters purchasing a deer lease should discuss the requirement with Vendor during the purchasing process.

If the Landowners property is contiguous then only one licence is required, however a separate licence is required for each property the Landowner leases should the be in separate counties. There are three types of Hunting Lease Licence available for purchase:

1. Hunting Lease License (for individual landowners)

  • Fewer than 500 acres =     $79  
  • Between 500-1000 acres = $147
  • Greater than 1000 acres = $252

2. Hunting Cooperative Lease License (for a co-operative of landowners)

  • Fewer than 10,000 acres  =         $60   (plus $5 per landowner)
  • Between 10,000 - 50,000 acres = $120 (plus $5 per landowner)
  • Greater than 50,000 acres        = $240 (plus $5 per landowner)

3. Wildlife Management Association Area Hunting Lease License. 

A Wildlife Management Association Area designation is needed for this type of licence. TPWS may grant such a designation should it determine that the land is inhabited by wildlife who's observation is likely to yield information that aids in its management. Landowners are obligated to share this information with TPWS.

  • Fewer than 10,000 acres            =  $38 (plus $6 per landowner)
  • Between 10,000 - 50,000 acres   =  $76 (plus $6 per landowner)
  • Greater than 50,000 acres          =  $152 (plus $6 per landowner)

Hunters on your property need to be able to produce this Hunting Lease Licence if requested to do so by Game Wardens.

One way of ensuring the lease holder has a copy of this licence is to paste it into the Vendors Terms & Conditions section on the back end of the Land.Lease software. This way, even if you sell your day leases or lease by the month, every time one of your leases is purchased the hunter will receive an email containing the lease document and a copy of the Hunting Lease Licence. Once uploaded, there will be no need to ensure each visitor has a copy because they will automatically receive a copy when they purchase the lease.

For those on the look for Public Deer Hunting Land in Texas then we wish you the very best of luck. Texas is 97% privately owned, so sourcing Public Deer Hunting Land in Texas is not going to be easy. That said, Texas is enormous so that 3% may contain some choice terrain and great hunting. If you are not in the market for your own lease just yet, below is a list of Public Deer Hunting Land in Texas.

If you would like to suggest more public hunting land in Texas, please comment below.

1. Lake O’ the Pines (Near Shreveport, LA)

2. Kiowa and Rita Blanca National Grasslands(Texas 79022)

3. LBJ and Caddo National Grassland (Honey Grove, TX 75446)

4. Amistad National Recreation Area (Del Rio, TX 78840)

5. Neches and Angelina River Confluence (Texas 75951)


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