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Pay your Property Tax with a Hunting Lease

28 Nov 2021
by Jackson Pollock

Generating income from rural properties presents its own unique challenges with the spectre of property taxes looming ever larger every year. You may ask yourself, "How do I pay my property taxes without leasing my farmland"? Certainly, the idea of "leasing my land to hunters" may be quite a ways down your list of ways servicing the inescapable burden of property taxes, though this is much easier than you might first suspect.

Farmers are seldom aware of the fact that one of the most searched terms by hunters is "hunting leases near me", and if you are a farmer then your farm may well indeed be near the searching hunter.  If fact, we have found the few farmers are even aware of the fact that they are are in possession of a valuable product; that product is that of Hunting Permission. Hunting Permission is valuable, in so far as hunters are willing to pay top dollar for such permission. The rental of such permission is known a hunting lease.

Hunting for hunting grounds appears to be the primary cause of the decline of the sport, not only in the USA but across the developed world. While in agricultural terms, the more arable the land the more productive it is; In hunting terms, no such relationship exists with respect to the marketability of your hunting opportunities. The formula is simple; Does your land have and abundance of wild game? If so, you have hunting opportunities to market. And the best way to do so, it to offer it direct to the consumer, in this case, the same hunter who sought "hunting leases near me".

If we stick with the premise, that all you want out of this is to pay your Property Taxes. And, for the sake of argument that the primary quarry is Deer and you also have a feral hog problem. On Land.Lease you would list your site as such and offer the lease for the fixed price equivalent to your Property Tax; OR, you can offer the lease as an Auction product, setting the starting bid or reserve price as the cost of your Property Taxes. If offered as an auction product, competing interested parties can duke it out which drives up the price.

It is important to make this final point for farmers, particularly if you are on a working farm. What you are leasing is Sporting Rights, that is, the Permission to hunt a particular quarry on a particular measure of land for a particular duration. You are not renting the land itself. Farming and forestry operations continue unaffected. The leasing of hunting permission is its own product which is unrelated to how you farm the land. This represents an additional rural revenue stream independent of regular farming operations which has the potential to pay your Property Taxes.

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