Hunting Clubs Near Me

12 Jan 2022
by Jackson Pollock

Hunting Clubs Near Me

Whether you're searching for hunting land for lease in Wisconsin or public deer hunting land in Texas the trend in the outdoor recreational arena appears to be moving in one direction. If you want good hunting then you are going to have to pay for the privilege and there is strength in numbers. More and more people are asking, “how do I find hunting clubs near me?”

What is a Hunting Club?

A Hunting Club or Syndicate is a group of individuals who come together to achieve the shared goal. That of successfully bidding on a desired hunting lease. Hunting leases are growing in popularity with many becoming weary of crowded public lands, particularly those within driving distance of their own homes. As the title indicates, “hunting clubs near me” suggest that men want to hunt near their homes. 

Many hunters are not in the market for long trips out west but simply want to enjoy weekends at the deer lease with friends, and sleep in their own beds that night. Unsurprisingly, land abundant in wildlife that is within an hours drive of an urban centre tends to command the highest prices. In some cases, up to $30 dollars an acre.

The History of Hunting Clubs

Hunt clubs have a long history south of the Mason-Dixie line where large timber outfits such as Weyerhaeuser and Plum Creek acquired large tracts of forestry. Trappers and hunters approached the timer outfits seeking arrangements, whereby they would pay for the privilege of hunting and trapping on their land. And so, the hunting lease was born. The hunters got hunting grounds and the timber companies profited by the protection of their stock and saplings from deer damage.

 In Texas, the deer lease is a cultural institution due to the almost complete private ownership of the land in the hands of comparatively few individuals. Not to mention the excellent hunting conditions and incredibly strong hunting culture. The perennial question of “how do I find deer leases near me?” is never far from a Texan hunter's mind. Generally speaking, the higher the proportion of privately owned land in a state, the greater the prevalence of hunting leases. 

In the case of the premier hunting leases, the cost can often be too much to be borne by a single individual with the acreage too great for one man to fully exploit in a single season. In such instances, the creation of a hunt club makes perfect sense.

Find a Hunting Club near me or start my own?

You may have little choice in this matter. Either you can find a hunt club that is willing to have you as a member or you will need to create one of your own. Many hunt clubs in the south for example, have held the same Georgia Hunting Leases for three generations. Such is the legacy of Hunt Clubs in the South.

This question often comes up when searching for “hunting land for lease near me”. Once the search for a lease in your State or County yields a favourable result, the realisation of the cost sets in immediately. From here, you have a few options:

  • Friends and Relatives
    • This is the obvious place to start. Sending out a bulk email of Social media share stating “I just found the perfect deer lease. Who wants in?” might just be enough to find enough buddies to chip in. Sometimes, it's just that easy.

  • Contact the owner directly
    • If you are new to the area, or dont know that many hunters, contacting the owner directly via the “Ask a Question” link on the Vendors homepage on Land dot Lease may be your gateway to local knowledge. He may be able to put you in contact with interested parties looking to spread the cost. If you don't ask, you don't get.

  • Post interest on local forums.
    • Local hunting forums, Craigslist or Facebook are all good spots to find like minded individuals. Here local knowledge meets shared needs. Your next hunting club membership may be only a quick search away. Ultimately, reaching out to folk interested in hunting near your home town is the best way to establish a new Hunting Club and ensuring good hunting grounds long into the future.

Know the Lay and the Law of the Land.

Where you lease depends, not only where you live but on what laws you must obey. The lessee tends to have more obligations than the lessor. Ohio hunting leases are going to have different stipulations and requirements to Georgia hunting leases. Black bear hunting leases and Texas deer leases may be more particular still. The laws that pertain to your state and county could be vital to getting and renewing your hunting lease. 

Ultimately, the law is on the side of the landowner and the obligation to obey all state and local laws falls on the hunt club. A well managed hunt club will assume responsibility for its members and act as representative for its members to the landowner. Therefore, it is vital that in the formation of a hunt club the responsibility and expectation of its members be explicitly stated in writing.

If you are a member of a Hunting Club or Syndicate or if you are looking to join a club, leave a comment below and share this article on social media.


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